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Applian Windows Product Comparison Chart

Replay Media Catcher
for Windows
Replay Video Capture
for Windows
Replay Music
for Windows
Replay Radio
for Windows
Ideal for Music
Ideal for Video
Ideal for Radio
Ideal for Skype Calls
Records ANY audio media
Uses Screen Capture technology to record anything on your PC screen.
Downloads web video and audio from thousands of sites. Uses download technology.
Records Windows Media streams (audio & video)
Records from any video website, DVD's, Webcam sites, Powerpoint Presentations, Skype video calls, Video Chat sessions and games using screen capture technology.
Integrated Media Guide
Records audio and video from Skype™
Records multiple streams simultaneously
Automatically tags songs with artist & song title using song recognition technology
Option to split recordings into smaller segments
Multiple MP3 quality options, and wav format
Converts to many file formats
Record from external devices (radio, turntable, mic, etc.)
Scheduled recording capabilities like a Web DVR
Split recordings using silence detection
Smart track splitting for Extracting Songs
Automatically sync to iTunes
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